The Gel Team head to the snow

The practice of Architecture is not always stress free!

At Gel we are committed to the sustainable practice of design, this means we must make time to wind-down and enjoy ourselves at regular intervals so that we retain our passion and enjoyment in the office.

On the afternoon of Thursday 20th August the Team at Gel headed south for some bonding and some snow fun at Mt Ruapehu. Seventeen of us (including partners) stayed in two houses on Railway Row, Ohakune. Yes, it was cozy!

We brought a range of snow experience - from first timers to snow junkies (Graeme!) With some fresh snow fall and a cloud free day, Friday was a cracker. Saturday the crowds descended and our commitment to skiing/snowboarding was tested. Some stayed at home for much needed rest, some practiced their new skills amongst the crowds and a select few embarked on the epic journey to the top of the mountain, culminating with a picnic lunch beside the Crater Lake - their pictures say it all.


No snow trip is complete without some serious Après Ski! We enjoyed our evenings together immensely. Having French Nationals as part of our group brought the ‘culture’ to our nights, with traditional mountain food in abundance.

Thanks go to Carole and Thomas for preparing these treats which included cheese fondue and Raclette – a specialty cheese melted on a purpose built heating contraption, resulting in melted cheese which is then poured over a combination of potato, salami, ham, and gherkin. Phew! Beili whipped up a massive, nutritious pot of vegetable soup which sustained us long into the evening and wee small hours.

We are privileged to have such a great group around us - good times to be had during the working day, and more still, out of office hours.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend away!


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