Progress Update - St James Church, Mt Eden

Renovating and reinventing the striking church in Esplanade Rd, Mt Eden, is an exciting and rewarding project. As all passers-by could see, this building was in desperate need of a major refurbishment to ensure its survival and bring it up to modern standards.



The 123-year-old building is being painstakingly restored, with the addition of extensive seismic strengthening, inserting four Industrial style apartments inside.

5 Decorative Bracing SM.jpg

It was important to preserve the unique features such as stained-glass windows, decorative bracing and the Kauri timber originally used inside: The wide Kauri boards lining the ceiling will become beautiful feature floorboards.

2 IMG_20230309_115253_206.jpg

1 Window SM.jpg

This project is a testament to the importance of renovation and restoration, bringing new life to Auckland’s Architectural Heritage and giving these precious buildings a new purpose in the modern world.

@jwbuildgroup builders are doing a highly skilled job on this fantastic project.

1 IMG_20230309_104628_117.jpg3 Digger.JPG

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