The Vanguard

Epsom, Auckland
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Project Team: Graeme Wrack, Patrick Kelly, Sean Han

The Vanguard is an exclusive residential development on the Auckland city fringe and is a flagship project in Epsom.

The building addresses the road suspended above an inviting pedestrian friendly interface. Large glazed windows maintain an active and interesting street frontage. The entry is marked by a large feature panel screen which stands vertically above the doorway, an abstract representation of the Totara mileposts set out at one mile intervals along Great South Road during its construction in the 1860's.

The eastern side of the building represents the green natural beauty found further along the road South of the Bombay hills while the western side reflects the dynamic urban environment of Auckland City. Apartment view options will include Mt Eden, Rangitoto and the Sky Tower.

Materiality and colour soften this impressive building to a more residential scale while a vertical green wall blurs the boundaries of the site and enriches the surrounding area.

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