Biophilic Offices

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Project Team: Graeme Wrack, Patrick Kelly

This office building is inspired by sustainability, utilising the principals of biophilic design; Sustainable architecture that is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Biophilic inspired design maintains a close relationship with nature, promoting wellbeing and bringing tangible health benefits to those in the workspace.

This building is divided in two by a central atrium. This atrium acts as the heart of the complex, housing a green core which draws in fresh air and natural light. This green core offers several breakout spaces surrounded by trees and substantial indoor planting. Exposed structural Cross Laminated Timber panels provide a soft, warm working environment and frame the large, open plan office spaces.

We worked to create spaces that incorporate the unique aspects of Auckland’s natural environment and benefit the communities who experience them. The corners of the building and façade are sculpted to maximise the views of nearby maunga. From the exterior the façade is intended to be eye-catching, with an element of fluidity which transforms when viewed from different angles, particularly for those passing by.

Our design offers modern, efficient office space for seven large tenancies over five levels with a café at ground level and car, bike and scooter parking in the two-level basement below.

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